Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sexism in the Media

The video is from the Women's Media Center and includes some really shocking examples of sexism in the media during this presidential campaign, most of it specific to Hillary of course. Note the high percentage of clips from Fox News. My favorite part is when the female anchor is so overwhelmed by Bill O'Reilly's sexist sleeziness that she can't help but roll her eyes in disgust.

On another but related note, since when did news anchors provide their own damn opinions?! Whatever happened to the objective journalism?

Seen on Wicked Anomie and Feministing.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Blog Ideas: Health and Medicine in the Media

I feel strangely empty PD (post dissertation). What the hell should I do with all my free time? I mean, besides writing and submitting all 3 of my dissertation manuscripts in the next 3 months (!!!!!!!!!yes, I know, this is what my advisor wants from me!!)

Perhaps even more importantly, what the hell am I going to blog about? I don't have an adventurous interesting life these days--I spent it either in the cubicle, buried in a book, watching t.v., eating, sleeping, or hanging out with my motley friends.

But I do have an interest that I would like to explore in more depth. I am fascinated by the intersection of media, public opinion, and medical research. I am particularly amazed when normal, seemingly intelligent people take a headline and then suddenly cull themselves from cell phone usage because they think phones cause cancer.

For example, just the other day, during a 15 minute chair massage, my massage therapist, when finding out that I do research, encouraged me to learn more about the groundbreaking discoveries in China and Japan regarding acid/base balance and cancer. Whoa.

So in my feeble attempt at fighting the machine(s), I am thinking about a Health Blog in which I critique medical research that hits the media in a small attempt to give the lay reader some perspective on what it all really means.

I'm not sure where or how I'll start this up or exactly what it'll look like. Friends who know me know I am attracted to the quirky and bizarre, so I'll definitely have to occasionally indulge these interests by highlighting bizarre medical practices or diets. Any other ideas?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where I've Been and Also A Gender Thing

Well, I've been gone on vacation for a few weeks now. A "vacation" involving 3,950ish miles of driving with hubby. Yes, driving. What was I thinking?! Why didn't we just go sit on a beach somewhere for 2 weeks? Anyway, improbably, we had a lot of fun, saved some money and gained some smug by driving a borrowed one of these, (I want one! I want one!) and saw a lot of friends and family. We also got to scope out our future city and managed to eke out some some beach time on
Orcacoke Island.

Other than that, I am gearing up for my state's democratic convention. I don't plan on wearing a bullet-proof vest, but that is only because I do not own one.

In that regard, it's good to be back in the blogosphere for the conclusion(?) of the democratic nomination process. I'm glad I didn't miss Wicked Anomie's very smart and accessible summary of the role of McCain and Obama's masculinities in this campaign. Although as a caveat on this one, I'm not totally comfortable analyzing these anonymous allegations re: comments by McCain.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

More on the Job and Upcoming Roadtrip

So yes I swear I actually have been offered a job. I walked in graduation last week and it was a big relief to be able to finally have an answer to everybody who asked, "So what's next?"

I've been offered a post-doc in a decent sized Midwest town. Yes it looks like I'm relocating to a landlocked corn-fed city. I'm really excited about the opportunity and sort of ambivalent about the could definitely be worse but it could totally be better. Of course anything better would have a much higher cost of living, something I wouldn't be able to swing on a post-doc salary.

At this point all I can say is that it's very very weird to be finally facing change after...years, years, years of the same.

So spousal unit and I are going to go check out the city and a bunch of other cities on our.... Four Dollar a Gallon Gas Roadtrip Tour 08! Wooohooo! Based on my lack of planning and a quick glance as a U.S. map it looks like we'll be driving through at least 13 states including our own! We'll be stopping to visit friends and family in MO, IN, NC, and FL. Holy crap. It's a good thing we're able to borrow a Prius for this ridiculous adventure.

More later...and hopefully some updates from the road.

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