Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am in a bad mood today. Here's why:

Was up every 2 hours last night due to a screaming, teething kid. Husband is coming down with something. House is a wreck. I am just a blob of bad manuscript/grant ideas that never go anywhere. Jackasses in this state drive too slow. Someone wearing flip-flops in the office makes too much flip-flop sound. Stupid Americans are intolerant and embarrassing and venerate one religion too much and degrade/fear another too much. 1 in 5 Pakistanis is flooded, tens of millions are displaced and Americans don't seem to notice or care. I fear major polio outbreaks (and other outbreaks) as a result. There is no fresh fruit or vegetables at home since no one has gone to the grocery store. I am generally a selfish person and I find that both irritating and sad. I hate the shoes I am wearing today, they are uncomfortable. People with less intelligence and/or education than I make more money. I still basically have no friends in No-longer New City. Most people I meet are boring and inspiriting. This town has pretty lame food, especially for a vegetarian. I decided to wear purple eye shadow today to help improve my mood; now it just irritates me. I am tired of this blog. I really really want to write a novel. I watch too much t.v. lately. It's been so hot I can hardly go outside. I have a lot of busywork to do. There is oil and dispersants all over the ocean floor. I really need more sleep. I really need to publish more.

Hm. What else ticks me off? No doubt I will think of something.

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