Thursday, September 30, 2010

People, You Need to Get Out

Get out of the house. And yes, it's ok to go outside after dark. Get out of your neighborhood. Get out of your state or your country. Get out of Applebee's and never go back. No, "methadone" is not for "methamphetamine." You don't know what a chickpea is? You never met a gay person? You never smoked a joint? Seriously? No, tacos shouldn't come in a hard shell. No, you can't catch it by talking to someone. Get out of Branson. You've never hitchhiked or cut class or eaten a gyro? (Ok, well, I've never eaten a gyro but that's different.)

I grow weary of the Midwest.


Dear foodies, chefs, etc.

Stop making up asinine names for fish that already have perfectly good names. If you call it "blue snapper" or even "Sea Kitten" and I can't find it on Seafood Watch or EDF's Seafood Selector I won't know if it's a Bluefish, Blueline snapper, Bluestripe snapper, Bluestriped snapper, Blue and Gold snapper, or some other fish by some other name, I won't want to eat at your stupid restaurant because I won't trust you.

BTW, this blog is close to dead. I just haven't yet found another outlet for my random complaints and comments.

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