Wednesday, April 01, 2009

NIH Grant Changes in Effect

Good news everyone, writing a grant is going to be WAY easier! No more struggling for months or years. We're all going to get funded. YAY!

Submitting NIH proposals via text messaging

NIH has announced that starting April 1, in a collaboration with Twitter, it will begin accepting proposals by text message. To submit a proposal, faculty should

1. Create a screen name on

2. Invite NatInHealth to be your friend.

3. Post a proposal by text message

Proposals are limited to 140 characters including budget and CV. While all health related topics are covered by this announcement, special consideration will be given to proposals that address conditions that affect the Web 2.0 generation such as blackberry thumb. Proposals will be reviewed by the general public on and funding decision will be announced within 24 hours of submission. Funds will be distributed by PayPal, eliminating the need for university accounting systems.

NIH spokesperson Dr. April Fulesjoak said that NIH anticipates the pay line to be at 4 stars.

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