Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No More Room

I haven't been blogging much lately folks. It seems like everyday I have postdocly thoughts to share but I have been really, really busy running tons of analyses, none of which fail to reject the null hypothesis. Sigh. Thoughts of my future, like100% soft money funds and unrealistic tenure expectations, are causing me more and more stress. So, for that I apologize. But for the following I won't.

I have had a shitty couple of days, except for some small but significant good news (more on that later), and overall I have almost no more room for anger at myself or other people. Anger is a bad, bad emotion. (SO not shanti.) I've already been through a mantra and thoughts of detachment and they helped, they really did. But its jackasses like this (yes I am calling the Pope a jackass, with NO QUALMS ABOUT IT) that piss me off again.

I don't believe in hell. But when I meet my maker/equivalent I sure hope I never have to face down a blunder like this. Even if I do it because I think it's right. Especially if I do it because I think I'm right and everyone else is wrong.

clipped from www.cnn.com
Pope Benedict XVI refused Wednesday to soften the Vatican's ban on condom use as he arrived in Africa for his first visit to the continent as pope.
He has, however, assembled a panel of scientists and theologians to consider the narrow question of whether to allow condoms for married couples, one of whom has HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
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Blogger Wilson Pruitt said...

The interesting thing about what the Pope said is (as per usual) not the content but the reaction. I find it kind of silly, but since he wasn't speaking from any authority, I also find it easy to ignore. Unlike most hiearchies, the Papacy is very clear about when the Pope speaks as Pope and when he does not. Another reaction is that the idea of the Pope is absurd and so anything he says that is mildly irrational justifies that absurdity. The more tragic reaction is by those who do not understand the position of the Pope's authority and assume that everything he says is authoritative as such and so listen to it as such. This goes into many of the problematics of implied authority, which can be troubling, but unless you are Judith Butler, are not as real as other forms. But being around a lot of Catholics now, I'd say most agree with position one or position two. Most news stories, however, run on the assumption of position three because they don't take the time to figure out the point of the papacy.

9:56 AM  
Blogger LD said...

Plus 3 sigma luck on your data! Boo on the minus 3 sigma pope!

10:17 AM  

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