Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The District, My Manuscripts, and COFFEE!

Baracka is SUCH a celebrity, last night on t.v. I saw his new commercial promoting his stimulus plan, and I thought, wait, isn't the campaign over already? Now turns out he has his own reality show, The District! Awesome! Thanks Dub for the heads up.

For some reason I put together a manuscript time line (and shared it with my mentor) that has me submitting 3 papers in March. Ha! What was I thinking? Maybe I need my own reality vlog to document my own fall from grace. But the good news is.....I FINALLY SUBMITTED ONE OF MY DISSERTATION MANUSCRIPTS! To a top tier journal!

And most importantly, and quite possibly explaining the sheer freneticness of this post, is the following exciting revelation. How long have I worked here? Since October? And how many sleepy afternoons have I passed where I had no hope for a caffeinated kick in the pants other than a Diet Coke? Well, had I moved two feet to the right I might have noticed THIS (ok I wanted to put a picture link here but I'll have to take my own, apparently the internets aren't as enamored with it as I am) a little earlier. Oh yeah, a high class Wolfgang Puck "Crappy Cap" coffee vending machine(i.g. automated caffeine-pusher, which typically produces crappy cappuccinos.) This one, though, WOW, you can specify your degree of desired "STRENGTH" "LIGHTENER" and "SUGAR." (My favorite is the "lightener"--I ordered this extra strength!) And it it is gourmet--with options for vanilla, berry, chocolate, coffee, or combos of any of the above. WOW!! After just one cup: GO ME!


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Blogger Raw Yoga Babe said...

that wouldn't be even the slightest concern in seattle, where there are coffee places on every street corner (no don't mean SB$x).

where, in seattle, museums have major exhibits on COFFEE!!

...which, we'll go to in a few wks when u come!!


good work on the paper submission, and manuscripts too, go go go!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Raw Yoga Babe said...

we coined the phrase 'crappy cap' many years ago on mega road trip from PNW to south cakalacky--member running round capital building in salt lake city at 11pm!!???

anyhoo, the phrase is now part of the lexicon-can't wait to c u soon!!

11:31 PM  

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