Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Problem with Causality - A Huge Waste of Money Called a "Success"--

OMG. This stuff drives me crazy. So a hugely expensive random steroid testing scheme in Texas came up with few positive tests. Rep Flynn, the sponsor of this legislation, claims the program has deterred steroid use, and therefore, is a success!

It's another claim of causality to which I declare, "BOGUS!"

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By the tens of thousands, Texas student-athletes have been pulled out of class to urinate in a cup for the nation's largest high school steroids testing program.
the first 10,000 tests found only four positive results
The point of testing was to act as a deterrent against steroid use, not catch teens using drugs, said Rep. Dan Flynn, a Republican.
calls it an "incredible success."
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Thanks auderey for noticing this.



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