Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Slow Posting, It Was the Cats

I apologize for the lack of posting but things have been a little hectic lately. Most of you know I relocated in late September but you might not know that I came alone, with just a car full of clothes and dissertation data and a sweet friend who volunteered for the 2-day drive. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the rest of my household came to join me.

This process involved:
--Cats getting microchips injected in their backs.
--Awesome friends who helped me pack and clean. I love you guys!
--Putting mad cats in containers.
--Loading tons of crap onto a big truck.
--Cat with a bleeding nose.
--14+ straight hours of me and brother in law driving in the snow/sleet/rain. --Husband driving Big Truck for 18+ hours.
--Cats on drugs.
--Cats hiding in friend's closets.
--Putting cats back into containers, again.
--Very sad cats.
--Closing on our first house.
--Going to Lowes.
--Missing cat.
--Unloading the massive truck.
--Searching for cat.
--Going to Home Depot.
--Trying to find some socks, because it's cold.
--Cat trying to commit suicide.
--Another visit to Lowes.
--Learning about the "charm" of a 105 year old house.
--Going, again, to Home Depot.
--Cats slowly recovering, but never, ever, forgiving.
--Discovering mold.
--Cat with a scabby nose.
--And by tomorrow afternoon,MY FIRST DOG, FIONA. And then, another trip to Lowes.

So, as you can see, my life is pretty wild. More on the Postdoc Experience (PE) when things settle down.



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