Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Postdocly Updates

I recently attended my university's postdoc association holiday party. It was more fun that I thought it would be. You get a bunch of primarily lab scientists together and...well things can get boring fast.

After 2 days of endless data cleaning, my back and right wrist are starting to hurt. Ugh, RSIs.

I forgot my lunch today. Since it was in the teens today I didn't really feel motivated to leave my building. We do have a small diner/lunch spot in my building. But every time I go there I wonder just what "vegetarian beef barley soup" is really made of. Being primarily concerned with the "vegetarian" part, and less interested in the "beef" side of things, I have yet to try it out.

I am annoyed at my university for not providing enough holidays. What's up with that? We don't even get Christmas Eve off, or the day after Christmas. Sure we get a decent package of vacation days for a research-only environment, but it's not like people actually use them.

My new puppy, Fiona, is adorable.

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