Friday, November 07, 2008

Reactions to the Election

As thrilled as I was watching the returns of the election, I am almost more thrilled by the response. The entire world was watching and now is filled with hope...and plans! NPR has had a lot of coverage of international response and yesterday I heard people from across Africa, South and East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East with their hopes and dreams about just what President Elect Obama will accomplish. In addition to turning around the U.S. economy, he is expected to end the genocide in Darfur, broker a 2-state solution in Israel and Palestine, and also to cure the common cold. Let's see how he does with these types of expectations. Personally I prefer less pressure. But maybe that's why none of y'all voted for me.

Even Nelson Mandela has plans for our man.

Also moving was Angry Professor's reflections about how it feels to move from a racist upbringing as a white descendant of slave owners to a proud voter in the recent election.

Just a shout out to those of us who who helped to make this possible: Young voters, college-educated whites, Hispanics, African Americans, and women. Keep it up people!

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