Sunday, April 06, 2008

For my graduate school friends, some advice

A word to the wise: do not leave half of your dissertation for completion in the last month of your program. Even if you really really think you know what you're doing. It causes:

madness/lunacy (if you weren't already)
carpal tunnel syndrome
SBWS (staring blankly at the wall syndrome)
fear (for your future, your committee's safety, the horribleness of your diss)
existential dilemmas galore
tingling sensations while your body falls asleep (from crouching over 2 computers nonstop for hours/days on end)

Another tip, be nice to the administration, even if they are a bunch of assclowns. That is, until they sign off on your degree.

News update: it is now T-4 days for dissertation completion (hopefully)!!!!!!!!!



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