Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Paperwork and Proposals: MASSIVE NEWS

So BIG NEWS TODAY, Loyal Readers:

****************Four out of four professors agree, it's time to sit around and wait for the Institutional Review Board!*************************

After an extremely extended period of time, it looks like my dissertation proposal is finally complete! Right now I have 2 of 4 faculty signatures and am waiting on the other two to arrive by fax from exotic locations. Next I schlep a huge pile of papers and documentation to the research services office where hopefully they will not request that I fill out more forms. Then, it's sit around and wait for their agonized approval process.

This is great news because I have a progress report due by Friday and I really wanted to have some progress to report about.

Actually I was thinking, with all of these gyrations that we go through to protect human subjects and their associated data, there is still one big loophole that the IRBs around the world have neglected to address: Accidental Disclosure During Sleep (ADDS).

I don't recall a single discussion or affidavit regarding ADDS. What if, in a fit of restless, nightmare-ridden, dissertation-anxious sleep I accidentally disclose the census tract and shoe size of one of my survey respondents? My partner could hear this and in a fit of jealous rage regarding my dissertation fixation on total strangers, could start stalking all size 13-ers in East LA.

But what could be done to prevent this egregious violation of the right to privacy? Maybe there is some kind of preventive pharmaceutical for this? Or maybe all partners of researchers should sign a form stating that they will not act on information obtained via ADDS? Or maybe there should be no during-dissertation sleeping at all? Any thoughts?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they have something for's called BEER!

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you!

Where in the journey are you toward graduation celebration? No pressure here.


9:41 PM  

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