Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dissertation Proposal Progress

There has been more progress on the dissertation front. (Yes, I am STILL stillin school.) Three of my four committee members are satisfied with my proposal and the last--my statistician--got back to me today about his revisions. Despite my fears, his comments are not only helpful but they're actually pretty easy. After all, how hard is it to delete an episilon from an equation?

Even better, during our conversation today, we laid to rest A BIG ISSUE. A potentially huge analysis problem (I thought) that was already causing me anxiety. It is now a NON-ISSUE.

Still more progress, I have received official approval on one front to use the data, and from another, to pay for it. Can this really be happening??!

Meanwhile, I am finalizing my first application to a post-doc position. Since this is so much fun, I figure, why not continue onward?!

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