Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Most Liberal Education

So I was reading one of my regular blogs re: academia , and saw a link to an article discussing the results of the Dirty Dozen survey. The Dirty Dozen is a survey of the most P.C. and bizarre college courses in the U.S. Well, honestly, I haven't done my background research but I would like to raise a concern about this survey. As a disclaimer, I don't know anything about their methodology but several of their classes are hardly bizarre or especially p.c. In fact, the U.Dub. class Border Crossings, Borderlands: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Immigration is hardly bizarre or p.c. Actually this field of inquiry seems pretty commonplace and I am hardly a sociologist or feminist scholar. If I have come across this sort of thing in multiple journal articles before I wouldn't really call it bizarre.

Anywho, I wonder who composed this so-called survey. I would assume it's students from Occidental.

Listen, I am the queen of bizarre research. If I haven't done it, it's not because I didn't want to. There's such a think as limits on federal funding.

But I am also a graduate of The Evergreen State College . And I really don't understand why great Evergreen classes such as Working the Waters (Working the Waters: Maritime Labor History, maritime labor history, quantitative and symbolic reasoning, maritime literature, leadership theory and group dynamics) or Imperialism (self explanatory) or Puppetry and Poetics: Arts of Distraction (poetics, experimental puppet theater, performance, creative writing and literature, subject to specific student work) or Feminisms: Local to Global (also self explanatory, well, to some...)or whatever somehow missed the top 12. As much as Evergreen might have mellowed in recent years it still offers some cutting edge classes and deserves some recognition on a list such as this.


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