Monday, November 20, 2006

Toot, toot

I am blowing my own horn because last Friday I received the Southwest Shaker (no, not a quaker) award from the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce. Along with several others I received an award for being a young professional woman shaking things up. Well, I have always been a trouble-maker, that is true! Although, when pressed up against some of the other women for our final group photo shoot, I have to to smile and nod when somebody muttered, "I'm not sure why I am gettig this award. I just do what I'm paid for!"

Haha. But seriously folks, it's nice to be recognized for doing SOMETHING. I enjoy climbing down out of the ivory tower every once in a while and meeting people who actually think what I do is interesting and/or important.

Lesson learned: we all need to remember to cut ourselves some slack once in a while and admit that we are rockstars.

In addition to the Shaker awards, two women in the community received Community Impact Awards for women making an some way. The recipients were Patty Biggio (wife of baseball legend Craig Biggio and of whom I will reserve judgement) and Victoria Osteen (co-pastor of mega Lakewood church and wife of not-so-co-pastor Joel Osteen).

Actually Arlen was privileged enough to sit next to Ms. Osteen. Let's just say that he behaved very well.

No speeches were given, which I suppose is both a blessing and a curse. But I was just waiting for my moment to celebrate women who give from their hearts, minds, and hands and not just by gracing others with their presence or by digging for change in their Gucci handbags.


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