Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Bourgeois (Be)laboring The Oppressed: Nancy Levant, Feminism and the Control of Womanhood and Power

Just read the article Feminism and the Control of Womanhood by Nancy Levant in the American Chronicle.

Wow. Despite her very shrill and panicked laundry list regarding the dangers of feminism, Ms. Levant is actually pretty funny.

Apparently, feminsism, along with the overwhelmingly hostile "global education movement," is nothing but a social re-engineering tactic "used to forward the take over of all world governments, economies, and cultures, and to force all commoners into the custom-made livelihoods and service of corporate-based governors."

To dear Ms. Levant: Damn, girl! That's something else!

But wait, I'm still confused. How is it that feminism fits into this global hegemonic movement? Unfortunately my meager intellect can hardly keep pace with Ms. Levant, but after carefully reviewing her piece, I have gathered that it has something to do with the men in Industry and Banking who created the feminist movement to prevent the "commoners" from overthrowing them from their power. The movement gained momentum, causing vast swaths of "depopulation" across the world via the Mental Health Industrial Complex,Big Pharma, and Women's Healthcare.

Here's the bottom line. The Feminist Movement has created a teeming mass of female laborers who are too stoned on anti-depressants and too busy laboring for Big Business to be birthing babies. Which is what we should be doing. Obviously.

Honestly, I was a little stumped as to how to respond to this idiotic thesis. So I turned to the handy dandy Po-Mo Title Generator, to create the title to this blog entry and to get me started. Works like a charm, every time.


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