Friday, November 10, 2006

Care Net's Purity Ball Preview

This is truly unbelievable.

I don’t know what rankles me the most, the creepy incest angle, the hypocrisy of these fathers, the sheer naiveté of some of these girls (the guilt, fear, and loss of self-worth and self-determination in the other girls), or the presumption that the primary force driving female sexuality and sexual behavior has something to do with a girl’s father. (It may be news to some of these people but most experts agree that there is surely something innate about a woman’s sexuality.)

The people who think this kind of thing is a good idea are inherently creepy (and/or asexual, repressed, and misguided) and as much as they drive me crazy I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them in light of their undoubtedly lame sex life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We feel this is a very charged topic-on both sides. If anyone has ever been part of a group who has protested or boycotted a purity ball, we'd be interested to talk to you for an upcoming documentary.

you can send serious e-mails only to

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