Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Has Been Going On

Hmmm. Haven't really been blogging, obviously. No big surprise there. But what have I been up to?

Been procrastinating on my dissertation and have encountered a recent roadblock that I probably shouldn't disclose. One never knows what little ears are listening on these things...

Um, this summer I went to Seattle to surprise my sister for her graduation from a UW master's program. Check out the pic (deal with it Susan, it's cute!):

Okay, then I went to NC to visit the brother-in-law-cum-preacher. Found a cat for him to adopt. (Good work, Sandi.)

Decided to go sky-diving, get a tattoo. Didn't do either of these things. Yet.

Dyed my hair.

Went to work occasionally. Started work on a renegade project.

Maybe broke my toe, but I won't show that picture.

Got addicted to bubble tea.

Started weight lifting. Again.

Read some books.

Decided to take a beading class.

Smoked some cigars.

Did some other stuff.



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