Friday, September 23, 2005

Fleeing from Rita

A 6 1/2 hour drive

My husband and I left Houston at 11 pm on Wednesday night. Correction: my husband, myself, and three cats, four photo albums, and two suitcases of clothes left Houston. We arrived in College Station 6 1/2 hours later after surviving several tedious hours of driving 5 m.p.h. The roads were ridiculously crazy; cars were everywhere, many of them on the shoulder. A lot of cars had overheated, many were out of gas. However, we were lucky. I have friends from Housto who spent 13-15 hours fleeing to CS and Austin. We left just in time to avoid the worst.

Here in CS we're starting to get a light breeze, but it's sunny and probaly at least 90 degrees. It is a bit sureal to imagine what is about to happen. Apparently Houston and Galveston are deserted, with about 90% of Galveston residents having already evacuated.

I worry a little about looting and crime. People are going to start getting a bit stir-crazy, especially since there isn't really any gas left and stores are closed. Even here all the way in CS the grocery stores are out of fresh foods, milk, bread, and peanut butter. Anybody left on the road is basically screwed; I hope the traffic has gone down and nobody else tries to leave.


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