Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The New Moi

No more glasses. Tootles, Librarian Sandi!

Not sure anybody has noticed my lack of glasses yet. It's been a total of about 23 hours since I left the eye clinic and have wandered the world sans spectacles. You'd think somebody besides the cute stranger in the elevator would have taken notice of the new me. (The new me, for crying out loud!) Plus he doesn’t actually count since he didn’t know the old me.

The new moi has also purged all embarassingly psychotherpeutic information from this blog and has made it public. It shall be my new outlet, especially because I feel rather lacking in the friends department lately. It seems like all of my friends are off galavanting the world right now, leaving me high and dry in Houston.

I could really use one of you losers right now for advice. Asked the hubby last night about advice/speculations regarding my future. Like, do I really need a Phd? Like, what’s wrong with being an extremely well-read and witty barista? Or traveling the world, just because. But I could use some more input on these fronts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

git yer phd womyn!!

9:44 PM  

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