Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Ever wonder what happens to all that junk you see in the stores? The stuff you buy and throw away? The other crap other people buy and then throw away? Now you know.

A minor complaint about this little video, though: I really dislike the phrase the "third world."

Also check out this Washington Post Article about the absurdity of saving the world while buying more crap.

This new eco-consumerism movement reminds me of the magazine Real Simple, which to be perfectly honest, I actually like while simultaneously thinking it silly. Anyway, it's all about simplifying your life. A laudable goal. Their ideas for this? Buy a lot of new things that are "simpler" than your current belongings, make lists, prioritize the too many things you already have to do, and organize all the junk you already have.




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