Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's 20 Million Dollars Anyway When It Makes Xenophobic People Feel Better?

Just last night I was talking about how I should make a career out of evaluating policies in which tons of dollars are dropped and no one ever knows or seems to care about the outcome. Because the policy is assumed to be a good idea, I suppose. Anyway, this is a prime example.

But those geniuses at Homeland Security! There apparently is no way to evaluate this damn fence. Brilliant.
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The Department of Homeland Security spent $20 million on a "virtual fence" to better secure 28 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona but has no way to measure its effectiveness and never consulted with the field agents who will use the system before it was installed, two House subcommittees learned yesterday.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evaluating "worthless" projects in the Bush administration would be overwhelming, there's so many. The virtual & physical fence at the border with Mexico is obscene, like the Berlin Wall and the one at the Israel/Palestinian territories. They are contrary to world interconnectedness.

No bid contracts in Iraq, and the US Embassy in Baghdad are but a few examples of waste, fraud. Nobody is keeping control of anything as long as it promotes the war in attempts to stomp "terrorists" and illegals and even gays.

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