Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update After Long Hiatus

I apologize to my loyal readers, all 3 of you, for the long hiatus from blogging. Things have been a little hectic.

First, the diss. It sucks. No data.

Second, the possible post-doc and "real job". I had an interview for a government post-doc a few weeks ago. It was pretty grueling but I think I handled it well. I sat at the head of a table filled with 12 scientists who acted in concert like a firing squad, asking question after question. I flubbed one question big time. In an interview that was about 25 minutes long though, I think my ratio of good answers/bad answers was still pretty good. Honestly, I didn't understand what the guy was asking me and I should have asked him to clarify his question. Actually, from what I could tell, the question was totally irrelevant to my research and even worse, was one of those long, complicated, many-claused sort of questions that ultimately is probably more of an attempt to look smart on the part of the speaker than a real effort to extract information from an interviewee. Anyway, I am still waiting to hear on their decision.

Third, I also went to a conference and presented a poster last week. The poster went well. I managed to do some great scheduling and arranged to have an interview with a non-profit organization during the conference trip. This was a fantastic interview in which I was basically being told how great the job would's really an research position with a ton of self-directed research only....not in academia! I was told at the end of the interview that they wanted me back to interview with the higher-ups and to present a job talk. Great. Plans proceeded on this front....until I received a weird email telling me that "internal changes" may lead to the position being re-evaluated. WTF?!....although I guess it's better to learn these things now.

Finally, I am progressing on two manuscripts that are "THIS CLOSE" to submission.

Also there has been a lot of fun, including a weekend trip to the lake and an upcoming Renaissance Festival/camping extravaganza. So...............dear loyal readers (n=3), that is what I have been up to.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps I will become a loyal reader. Felt like I hadn't really heard about these interviews, so I thought I might get the skinny on your blog. That is as sad comment on our work environment, is it not? Hope you have a fun holiday, sweet friend. AJH

8:11 PM  

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