Monday, October 06, 2008

Name Recognition

I worked at Former University (FU) for, let's see, almost 8 years. In that time, I spent 7.99 years without receiving a name tag designation on my cubicle, despite asking about the possibility on multiple occasions. In the final month of my tenure at FU, my cubicle and I were finally granted the recognition we deserved and that I (and the delivery man) always hoped for.

I have now worked at New University (NU) for 3 days. I noticed, of course, that my cubicle (!yes I am a postdoc in a cubicle!) did not yet have my name. But I was nonplussed. When my mentor came today to get me for a meeting, he asked after it and apologized. I expect it will arrive within the week.

I love NU!

And hell yes, I took my name plate with me when I left FU.

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