Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Newest Plan for Success in Just Four Steps

Okay. As a languishing doctoral candidate, I have reached a point where I can no longer deny the fact that a.) I have hugely procrastinated writing my dissertation; b.) I have lost all motivation; and, as a consequence of the foregoing, c.) I seriously need help.

Thus, I have implemented a four-pronged approach to my problem. First, I tell everybody about my problems. I whine, I complain, etc. This is revolutionary to me not because I am typically a tough, grin-and-bear-it type of gal, but because I am admitting my problem like a good 12-stepper. Second, I have instituted a dissertation support group that will involve complaining, whining, and drinking with other sufferers. Third, I am reading the book Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day by Joan Bolker, Ed.D. And finally, I plan to write the damn thing.

As for Bolker’s book, even the author admits that the title is a hugely unfunny but catchy joke. However, the first four chapters of the book have already given me some useful strategies with which to unleash the dam of useless knowledge and pedantry (otherwise known as dissertating). My so-far take on the book? I think it just might give me a much-needed poke in the ass.

Now that I know I have at least 3 regular readers of this blog (wow, the group of faithful and otherwise unoccupied are growing!), I plan to keep you all posted about how this process is going. All I can say is that only one day in to my four-step program, I AM ALREADY BORED. But nevertheless, I plan to persevere.


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